Centre of Vocational Education Szeged

Centre of Vocational Education Szeged

Gábor Dénes Technical Grammar School and Secondary Vocational School
14 Mars Square, Szeged


Gábor Dénes Grammar School and Secondary Vocational School is one of the leading schools of secondary vocational education in the region. It is located in the centre of the city of Szeged, the county capital and the third largest city in Hungary.

The school is named after Dénes Gábor, famous Hungarian electrical engineer and physicist, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his invention and development of the holographic method.


Our School is composed of grades 9 through 14 providing learning opportunities for more than 1,400 students. Years 9 to 12 are devoted to both general knowledge and professional development whereas years 13 and 14 focus on earning a professional qualification in certain fields.  


Our mission is to provide students with a variety of first hand experiences in different marketable career fields. Course curricula are designed to suit the class-specific needs in the following fields:

  • Electrical Industry and Electronics
  • Informatics
  • Telecommunication
  • Pedagogy
  • Environment Protection
  • Sports
  • Transport, shipping and logistics
  • Hydrology and Water Management


Our school management consists of the Headmaster and four deputy heads who are in charge of different educational and management duties. Since we are a member school of the Centre of Vocational Education of Szeged, the director of the Centre is also the director of our institution.

Our students also have their self-governing body. Every class delegates a student to take part in the work and regular meetings of the Student Body led by the president. They take part in making decisions that affect and positively influence students’ everyday lives.


The life of our school, academics and education are based on our pedagogical programme, the Annual School Calendar, Regulations of organization and operation, Code of Conduct, Academic Schedule of teachers, Teacher training and upgrade plan and Student Enrolment and Admission.


Besides English language which is the first foreign language for all our students, students can also learn German. Not only general English is taught, but also English for special purposes such as IT, Pedagogy, Environment, Electronics and Logistics. Our language department has over 15 members. It is a very active department promoting language learning by organizing different competitions and events throughout the year.


Our SEP has a history of more than a decade. It engages about 20 students each year who take part in international projects together with German, Dutch, Polish and Italian fellow students. Every year in spring and autumn the participating students host and visit each other. The benefits of this exchange programme are multiple – students learn about each others’ countries and culture, they also build friendships, learn about the topic of the project and most of all broaden their minds and learn to appreciate diversity.


The ‘Gábor Dénes National Competition in Computing’ honouring the famous physicist,   is one of the most prestigious annual competitions organized by our school. Between 500 and 700 students from schools all over the country take part in this multi-stage competition annually. The funding and the prizes are provided partly by the ‘Novofer Fund’ and there are also company contributions. Our partners and supporters are listed under the Our partners heading. The Prizes are handed to the winners at the gala ceremony every year.

The other competition of national fame and prestige is the ‘Kazinczy Competition’, which promotes the beauty of spoken Hungarian language. Our school has hosted this competition for the 19th time in a row.   Fifty students from the county took part this year. We are spoilt, because our students regularly proceed to the finals, which is in great due to the enthusiastic work of the department of Hungarian language of our school.


SCHOOL ON MARS – the multicolour school, where it is good to be a student.

Dear Future Student!

The motto of our school is ‘The multicolour school, where it’s good to be a student.’

Since you are a member of the digital generation, in our school you can acquire knowledge about:

  • servers, PCs, building wired and optical networks, installation, operation and the basics of robotics;
  • the operation of electric circuits, microcontrollers and computer programming

If you are curious:


  • how goods are delivered to the right place at the right time maintaining their right quality and quantity cost-efficiently,
  • how kindergarten teachers and teacher assistants help educating and bringing up happy children;

come to our school and let us show you.

If you think health should be treasured and protecting our natural environment is important:

  • you can become a coach of athletes, high-performance athletes and those who want to do exercise in order to be healthy and fit;
  • you can do something to protect our supplies of drinking water or to provide protection from inland water and flooding;

you just need to come and study at our school.

More reasons why you should enrol to our school are that:

  • you can be part of a great student community and have a lot of fun from the very beginning; memorable times await you from Orientation day through ‘Freshman day’, the fancy-dress party, GD students’ day to the memorable school-trips throughout the year;
  • you can take part in home competitions but you can also enter  regional and national professional and vocational competitions;
  • your achievements and success and YOU yourself are very important to your teachers;
  • you can use our school computers and borrow books from our library with thousands of titles;
  • you can do sports in the school gym, use the outdoor work-out facility and go skiing with your school-mates;
  • you can reach our premises easily due to our ideal location which is right next to the bus station;
  • you can have lunch at our school canteen after your classes;
  • you are welcome to stay after graduation and choose from our diverse vocational training courses to earn a certificate;

Who knows, you might become the next student to make headlines by winning a medal at the Rio Olympics, or crossing the Australian desert in a solar powered car or winning a prize at the Young Inventors’ Competition in the USA. Because our former students have achieved all of these, so be the next one to join our famous Alumni. Be the next bright colour on our palette.


Applies the rules and regulations of water management and carries out organizational tasks. Carries out waste management duties, participates in professional trainings and takes part in the planning process and keeps in touch with partners and the public.

Makes measurements and observations, takes part in establishing, maintenance and operation of water management facilities and operates sluice-gates as well.

+ more

Participates in recruitment of surface waters, controls and supervises operations.

Takes part in flood prevention, inland water flooding protection, recovery and water quality restoration.

Carries out tasks in the field of water utilization.  


The water management technician carries out measurements and observations, takes part in the planning processes of water management facilities, their establishment and maintenance.

Operates sluice-gates, manages and controls the recruitment of surface waters.

Manages and supervises the operation of water-plants and water purification plants.

Takes part in flood prevention, inland water flooding protection, recovery and water quality restoration.

Carries out tasks in the field of water utilization. 

Carries out organizational tasks, and applies regulations.


Holder of qualification carries out the following tasks independently or under supervision but at all times following the rules and regulations of work safety.

  • monitoring and reporting on water levels
  • maintenance of fluviometers
  • data reporting at hydrometeorolgy stations 
  • taking part in hydrometric measurements
  • operation and control of estuarine structures and water exploitation facilities
  • maintenance of flood dykes and their environment
  • taking part in flood prevention and supervising of surveillance guards
  • operation and maintenance of waterborn structures
  • maintenance of inland water drainage systems
  • taking part in inland water flooding prevention, participating in building ramparts
  • water quality control, and reporting
  • water quality recovery measures
  • taking care of proper collection of waste and substances;


Info-communication network developer and operator qualification

You can really invest in your future by choosing this vocation, because:

  • the pace and scope of technological development is meteoric;
  • it is versatile and there is no telling in the morning what tasks you have to cope with in the afternoon,
  • it is interesting with countless opportunities to gain new knowledge;

We recommend it to students who are interested in both informatics and electronics.

Choose info-communications, choose GD, our school.

+ more

The task of an info-communication network developer and operator is deployment, configuration, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of telecommunication networks and devices, client and users support and contribution to network troubleshooting and fault resolution.

Employment prospects are vast, ranging from companies in the sector of informatics, info-communication (telecommunication, internet providers, MÁV – Hungarian Railways management, Cable TV networks, companies of information network development and operation, companies of transport with significant information network demand, such as SZKT – Szeged Transport Company).

Salary expectations as info-communications technician are competitive and at MÁV include cafeteria, clothing and travel subsidies, and other perks.



Plans and manages the short-, mid- and long-term preparations and competing of athletes and sports teams. Teaches them technical and tactical skills and the know-how of the sport/game. Teaches them about the system of competing as well as the rules and regulations of the sport.


Assesses and evaluates the performance of the athletes in the training session and at competitions.  Applies modern pedagogical and coaching principles as well as up-to-date methodology to enhance athletes’ performance abilities and motivation.

Assesses stamina, technical skills of athletes, makes coaching plans and controls execution, organizes training matches, competitions and training camps.

Organizes and coordinates the work of the support staff – sports doctors and sport psychologists. Takes part in organizing sports and other recreational activities of different institutions or organizations.


A fitness-wellness instructor is in charge of planning, organizing and managing team or individual activities or trainings in sports facilities such as fitness or wellness clubs, hotels, swimming centres, leisure centres, gyms, etc.

His/Her main activity is aimed at enhancing the fitness of the public. Beyond conducting training sessions and activities, can be assigned client-support tasks as well.

His/her complex, all-embracing skills make him/her qualified for coaching, instructing people in a wide range of physical exercise routines and programmes, and also taking up duties in connection with facility management.



Takes part in pedagogical work and its preparation. Contributes to in-classroom, extra-curricular and out-of-institutional activities and their preparations, as well as the preparations of kindergarten activities and their realisation.

Helps with lesson preparation for particular activities by creating learning materials, visual aid for the lessons and by doing administrative tasks. Takes part in organizing free-time activities for children.


Takes part in nursing, first aid, helps children acquiring the personal hygiene routine. Supervises and escorts children, students or groups.

Keeps in touch with the controlling authorities, with the youth counsellor, youth protection officials and the social and welfare institutions.

Establishes contact with underprivileged children and their families. Supports underprivileged children and families. Performs caretaking tasks within the scope of family pedagogy and takes part in administrative jobs and recordkeeping of the institution.


Takes part in preparing direct pedagogical work. Contributes to preparation and execution of in-classroom, extra-curricular and out-of-institutional activities. Takes part in educating and teaching children with disabilities and with special educational needs. Based on the conductor’s guidelines, carries out special-needs-specific and disability compliant assistance in SEN pedagogy.

Supervises and escorts students and groups. Performs nursing tasks and takes an active part in teaching them personal hygiene routines. Also, supports the acquisition of cooperation in group activities.

Takes part in preparing and organizing free-time activities for children and assists the completion. Honours the confidentiality agreement.

His/her work and relationship with the SEN children, children with disabilities, their families and experts is based on mutual respect, tolerance and effective communication.



All of us or most of us at some point of our lives were daydreaming about becoming a railway servant. The clattering-pounding monsters, hundreds of passengers – all depending on the moves we make. The biggest employer with its biggest family of employees awaits you offering you promotion and career prospects. At Hungarian Railways only the network is fixed your opportunities are limitless. 

You can be an engine driver, mechanic, transportation servant, ICT technician or choose from the wide range of different jobs available. Hungarian Railways offer your a Student Contract, scholarship and continuous progression and upgrading opportunities. A predictable and secure choice – Hungarian Railways!

+ more

The railway servant organizes, controls and operates railway transport within the area he is in charge of (between stations, on open lines and legs of lines) both for train traffic and shunting in cooperation with the railway operation control centre and in compliance with the instructions, regulations and technology.


If you are curious what is behind success, or about the different paths leading to it, if you are practical, creative and success-oriented you cannot miss the chance of finding a career in logistics. If you want to find out about trade, transport, storage, production design and the secrets of progress, you should join us and we’ll help you figure them out.

The tasks of the logistics and shipping administrator include planning of logistics operations and their execution. He/she also supports the executive work related to the logistics system and helps choose the best shipping option for forwarding the goods and plan the route if needed.

He maintains contact with different transportation authorities and organizations. Drafts shipping contracts, reduces risks by applying the adequate shipping insurance offer.

Provides freighters with necessary information, takes part in acquisition of means of transport and damage of shipment, and submits claims. Checks and issues shipping documents.



Reveals sources of pollution caused by different technologies, records emission of toxic materials and studies protected natural values, polluted areas and submits data on the findings.

+ more

Takes part in making environmental protection plans. Carries out measurements concerning land-, air-,water-pollution and waste, and evaluates the results.

Observes and analyzes environmental hazards, takes part in determining the fine for environment-threatening activities, in waste management, wastewater management, maintenance and environmental protection control.

Moreover, assists with settling the cases of offence, takes part in writing and assembling tenders and their realization.


Why is Informatics Technical Grammar class the best choice in our school?


GD maintains valuable contact with a number of IT companies. Representatives of these companies organize lectures and work-shops on a regular basis in our school. Perhaps you will meet your future employer at one of these events.

For us it is important that you become a well-qualified expert in the field. In our school you can acquire one of the prospective, well-paid qualifications in this ever-progressing field.

With your secondary school certificate you can get the Office IT technician qualification. If you continue your studies for another year at the VET, you get an Information System Operator certificate, which earns you extra points when applying for admission to the adequate institution of higher education.

IT teaching in our school encourages students to acquire the ECD(L) licence, incorporates Cisco Networking Academy curriculum and has joined the Microsoft IT Academy Program.


Our teaching staff of electrical engineering is very enthusiastic. Their devotion to teaching has been widely acknowledged several times, most recently their contribution to the improvement and development of technical and vocational education in Szeged. Former students have regularly reached the national finals in vocational national competitions and even at the world competition for innovators.


  • electronics technician

job description: operates low-currents equipments, assembles and handles control systems; understands operation features of low-current equipments and performs troubleshooting; is capable of designing and simulation of simple low-current circuits; is familiar with user programs and their application; is familiar with and knows how to apply measurement technology principles and is aware of safety standards and regulations; carries out tasks which involve design, building, assembling, maintenance and repair of electronic equipments independently or under an engineer’s supervision.


Sports have always been highly ranked in the life our school. By introducing everyday PE, the number of the PE staff has grown, which also means a bigger variety of sports that our students can do as an extra-curricular activity. Our students are successful in different sports from handball, through football, basketball, track and field to water sports and even martial arts. Our students take part in the Student Olympic Games and enhance the fame of our school. There are organized out of school programmes for our students, such as water tour, cross country and skiing.

A lot of current and former students of our school have outstanding achievements in sports.


Of course, it is not all about learning. Our students have plenty of co-curricular programmes that allow them to spend quality time together outside the classroom. There are music events, theatre and opera performances that they can attend. There is an arts and crafts clubs.  We organize day-trips and longer class-trips to visit places of interest. There are also field trips related to the vocations our students learn. There is a football marathon each year in which teams of different classes take part in a 24- hour tournament held in hour gym.  Our annual events include the official ones such as the school leavers’ ball – the prom and the school leaving walk of twelfth-graders and the more relaxed ones like the ‘Gábor Dénes Day’ with plenty of fun activities to choose from.

Most of our students agree that it is good to be a member of the student community of Gábor Dénes, or as we call it ‘The school on Mars’ (referring to its location in Mars Square). 


We cherish close relationship with a number of schools which take part in the exchange programme and also with companies that provide in-company training for our students and support our school in our efforts to provide up-to-date knowledge to them. 

Our main partners include:

  • EPAM Systems Kft. 
  • IT Services Hungary Kft.
  • Novofer Zrt.
  • SolvElectric Technologies Kft.
  • ATYS-CO Kft.
  • Szegedi Vízmű Zrt.
  • ATIVIZIG (Alsó-Tisza-vidéki Vízügyi Igazgatóság)
  • Csongrád Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara
  • Szent-Györgyi Albert Agóra
  • Szegedi Vizisport Egyesület
  • Magyar Államvasutak Zrt.
  • Szeged Megyei Jogú Város Ömkormányzata Óvodák Igazgatósága